Adverse / Bad Credit Mortgage

Firstly, the dirty word “ BLACKLISTED “ does not exist. At some point in most of our lives we all have ran into financial difficulty. This should not impede your chances of becoming a homeowner or stop you from refinancing at a cheaper deal or from capital raising from your home.

At the mortgage hub we are here to help you navigate through the red tape and find a lender and product bespoke to your needs. We can also set up a plan to help you rebuild your credit profile so that you are back on track and can look at cheaper deals.

What is Adverse Credit?

Adverse credit is having a track record of a poor repayment history. This may have been because of a change in circumstances or a life event that you had no control over. This all gets reflected in credit report. This will lower your credit score and will also make it more difficult to then borrow money.

What is an Adverse Credit Mortgage?

If you have adverse credit, it limits your options. This can be the case when you’re trying to get a mortgage and other items of credit. Yet, it doesn’t make it impossible to get a mortgage with an adverse credit history. We have access to thousands of deals that may be able to help you, away from the high street providers that may not look at the whole picture.

How do I improve my Credit Score?

We will help you increase your credit score by putting together a specialised budget planner to meet your own individual criteria.

We can help you:

  • Get organised with all your existing regular payments, set up direct debits etc.
  • Review your spendings and try to reduce them to pay off any outstanding debts. Do this as soon as possible.
  • Look at your credit report to make sure all the information you have on there is accurate and updated.

Having an adverse credit history isn’t the end of the world. And it is still possible to get a mortgage with a bad credit score.

We are here to help in a non-judgmental totally honest and confidential manner.

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