Maternity Mortgage

Getting a mortgage on maternity leave. How we can help!

Pregnant and parental leave policies differ from lender to lender we aim to help you find the best provider to meet your changing criteria.

Babies take up room! Ask any new parents, its unsurprising that you may need to upscale from your first home to accommodate these little bundles of joy!

If you’re house-hunting while you’re pregnant, it’s likely you’ll want to move before the baby arrives. This can be stressful, particularly if you’re worried about getting accepted for a mortgage on a reduced income during maternity leave, paternity leave or shared parental leave.

Maternity leave mortgages: what are the difficulties? Since you’re likely to have a reduced income while you’re on leave, especially if you’re only receiving statutory maternity pay (SMP), one of the biggest worries can be passing lenders’ affordability checks. If you’re planning to return to work, it’s important that lenders factor your future income into your application.

We at the mortgage hubhave helped hundreds of new parents and will ensure a swift, stress free move and will do the leg work so that you can put those feet up!

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